Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System

The product is Itru Cotton Fibre Testing Machine UAK-S2 for genetics x-breeding, cotton classification, cotton pricing, mixing blending and process control for ginning and blow room in spinning . It measures more than 40 test parameters including the % of flat fibres which is the main cause of complaints from the customers Read More.


(Evaluation of Fiber fineness and maturity with Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System in relation to Specific Volume parameter- pdf paper 28 pages) Technical Information) in Turkish use Google doc to translate to any language according to your requirements or use pdf translators. Read More

Spin Plan for Processing the Special Mixes

Spin Plan could be used also for processing :

Manufacturing Neppy Denim from Card Flat Waste and Raw Cotton

Soft Neppy T-Shirts made from comber noil and raw cotton

In these procesese selection of cotton type and processing spinning data play the most significant role .Spin Plan is a key factor. Read More

Sample Preparation for testing for each variety and Making a Mix

Cotton Samples before testing should follow the instructions for UAK-S2 Read More

E -Learning Course for Cotton Fiber Testing and Processing

This E-Learning Course is a team work training for Process Improvement and Cost Reductions for Spinning and Ginning Mills with Itru UAK-1 + Fibre/Fabric Information System and Yarn Process Engineering ver1.1 Software.

Read More »

Color Grade Expert Chart and Fibre Quality Index could be utilized to achieve optimum quality according to varieties selected.If more than 2 varieties are selected for each mix. Color Grade Expert Charts can be compared . This can be useful for color Grade Comparison UAK-S2 has 2 Color Grade Expert ChartsRead More

Cotton Classification and Fibre Quality Index (FQI)

Fibre Quality Index could be effectively used in determine the actual price of cotton samples when purchasing and selling by making use of Regression Analyses of Price - FQI

Read More

SPC- E-Learning coarses could be effectively used for the application of Test Results in mainly following aspects:
Read More

SPC- E-Learning coarses are available for Itru ICS members Read More

Comfort of Fabrics

Comfort of cotton and other fabrics could be related to two main parameters :

  • Heat Retention
  • Water Vapour transmission

These parameters are closely related to type of raw material and fabric construction .Read More

Soft Handle of Knitting of Cotton

Cotton Trading Tables

Cotton is imported and exported on traditional parameters.These can be summarized as Staple Length,Micronaire- Range,Strength gram per tex and sometimes Non-Lint Content % and related price in cents per lbs.

Read More.

KB-QCC- A Guiding Tool for Services and Industries

Itru-KB-QCC (Knowledge Based Quality Control Circles) supported with on-line E-learning Courses and the KB-QCC-ver1 software eliminates the risk in services and manufacturing industries. Read More »

World Cotton Production

World Cotton Production from 2011 to 2015 has been plotted. Read More.


  • We are pleased to offer you Raw Cotton from .../...Origins as under subject final confirmation :

  • 1-1/16 inch MIC 3.5-4.9 USC 73.00/LBS


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  • Prev
  • ...ORIGIN (NEW CROP:2014-15)

  • 32-34 MM
  • 34+ GPT
  • 3.5-4.9 MIC
  • 2-2.5% TRASH

Itru UAK-S2

Fibre/Fabric Information System

Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System-The Fastest-The Most Simple-No installation Cost-The most Advanced
See What you measure
One Color Grade Expert Chart for All Types of Cotton Fibre

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