Purchasing and Selling Cotton

Most of the cotton samples are either under estimated or over estimated in price. One can check this with % of card flat waste, comber and ring frame waste.

Let's test your cotton samples before you purchase or sell to find the actual price based upon the scientific data of Spline Analyses of the test results of Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System .
Fibre Quality Index Value which is a function of Fibre Fineness in mtex and other fibre parameters

Selection , Mixing and Classification

Optimum Yarn and Fabric Quality depends upon making a proper mix of cotton fibers. By proper mixing of raw cotton even with comber noil. can have good performance in knitted fabrics..
Itru UAK-S2 Fibre Quality Index Parameter helps you to solve cotton fibre Classification , mixing  , selection and processing.  Classify your Cotton Samples with only 1 single Parameter eliminates complicated  algorithms..


Cotton fibres need to be processed in proper attention from bale selection to fabric finishing .Checking your mill performance level at each stage of processing will improve your final product.

Solve Textile Related Problems

Insufficient cleaning of cotton fibres(seed coat fragments) and fibre damage in manufacturing may lead to dark specks as well as white specks and other defects in dyed fabrics.Itru UAK-S2 Fabric Testing could help you to identify these defects in fabrics.


"Before and After Test" with Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System will give you scientific data of test results whether there is a significant difference between the samples tested to achieve Consistency and Uniformity in Fibre Mix

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Itru-ICS makes use of Itru UAK-S2 Fibre/Fabric Information System for classification ,testing and solving arbitration problems of cotton fibres,grey and dyed fabrics.